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iPhone 6 on Cooking Table Mockup TemplateStage Image
iPhone 6 on Cooking Table Mockup Template
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iPhone Mock-up Template of Black iPhone 6 on a Cooking Table

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Your app isn't just for those who have conventional business on their minds- it's also for those who are hard at work for their families and friends. With such natural surroundings, the black iPhone 6 in portrait position here provides a stark contrast that will immediately draw a client's eye. Associate your iOS app with the warm and sentimental feelings of autumn in this mock-up template, and customers will not only remember your product, but also think of it fondly. Let's make prospective purchasers feel at home and happy! Drag and drop a screenshot of your work onto the iPhone's screen or upload an image by selecting "Grab Screenshot From URL" above the template and typing your URL when prompted! Smiles all around with this iPhone 6 mockup template on a cooking environment. See more iPhone mockups here!

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