iPhone 6: Making Scrapbook (With Gestures)Base Image
iPhone 6: Making Scrapbook (With Gestures)Stage Image
iPhone 6: Making Scrapbook (With Gestures)
iPhone 6: Making Scrapbook (With Gestures)Processed Image

Woman Scrapbooks and Uses iPhone 6 for Inspiration App Demo Video

This iPhone 6 app demo video features a young woman who is comfortably laying over a red couch while she is working on her latest scrapbook project, she is cutting magazine photos while using her white iPhone 6 in portrait position to browse scrapbook ideas for inspiration, or maybe a music app or even your own iOS app or mobile responsive website. Use this creative iPhone 6 demo video template to display how amazing your new app is, by doing your app marketing with app demo videos you will provide your potential users with a great insight on how your app looks and works, before they even download it! Besides, with Placeit's natural hand gestures you will add an authenticity feel to your recording. The iPhone 6 really stands out within this video, and it looks just awesome in this scenario, go ahead and try out your app real quick, you will love it! See more App Demo Videos here!

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