iPhone 6 Gold Drinking Bourbon (With Gestures)Base Image
iPhone 6 Gold Drinking Bourbon (With Gestures)Stage Image
iPhone 6 Gold Drinking Bourbon (With Gestures)
iPhone 6 Gold Drinking Bourbon (With Gestures)Processed Image

iPhone 6 App Demo Video | Businessman Gets a Drink

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In this versatile app demo video template, a classy businessman drinks a bourbon to celebrate a successful merger. He takes out his gold iPhone 6 and looks at... whatever you choose! His elegant pinstripe suite and red tie match the beautiful bar decorations to create a stunning image that will surely captivate your audience. Why your audience? Because you can create a powerful app demo video with this promo video generator. By recording your screen with our tool, you can get an amazing demo video in seconds, complete with gestures. You can boost your app marketing using a promo video and what better than to generate a custom one in seconds? See more App Demo Videos here!

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