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iPhone 6 Executive Note (With Gestures)
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Businessman at Restaurant iPhone 6 Plus Demo Video

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The new business partners just left after signing up a big contract with the firm, this man surely deserves a drink to celebrate his success. He is reviewing some papers to make sure everything is in order and uses his iPhone 6 to verify the new partner company's market shares. He will later use his iPhone to update everyone at the company of this huge acquisition. The Demo Video provides a fancy environment with a professional feel in which you can display your business app or website for a unique insight on its design, features and use in context. The iPhone 6 is in portrait position and it allows a perfect display of real interactions within the app or website, especially with our natural hand gestures; take a look and give it a try, just record or upload your video, we'll take care of the rest. See more App Demo Videos here!