iPhone 6 Beside Makeup (With Gestures)Base Image
iPhone 6 Beside Makeup (With Gestures)Stage Image
iPhone 6 Beside Makeup (With Gestures)
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iPhone 6 Demo Video of Girl Getting Ready to Go Out

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This iPhone 6 Demo Video features a young woman who is getting ready to go out on a date, she is super excited and tries her best to look stunning. She is not sure on how to style her hair so she looks at a fashion site to get some inspiration and hopefully a polished look, thanks to smartphones and apps, she can have lots of options to choose from. You can use this Demo Video to display the design and features of your new app or website, wether it's a fashion app or a hair and makeup tutorial site, this is a great scenario to show it off for a unique feel and look, especially because our natural hand gestures allow the user to view real interactions within the app or website. Just add your video to this iPhone 6 Demo Video and take a look at how it will perfectly merge with the context.

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