iPhone 6 at a Buffet RestaurantBase Image
iPhone 6 at a Buffet RestaurantStage Image
iPhone 6 at a Buffet Restaurant
iPhone 6 at a Buffet RestaurantProcessed Image

iPhone 6 Mockup of a Man in Line at a Buffet Restaurant

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Normally, when doing some waiting, we tend to use our smartphones to entertain ourselves. In this mockup, we can see a young man who is doing precisely that, by using his black iPhone 6 to browse the web or use an app in portrait position while he is standing in line at a buffet restaurant. You can use this amazing scenario to display your iOS app or any mobile responsive website in a cool context. All you need to so is drag your screenshot directly into the iPhone 6 screen or simply type a URL above and it will automatically convert into a screenshot of the site. Your end result will be a neat image you will be able to share to the world and spread out the word on your new app. Mockups are a great way of app marketing, try it out now!

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