iPhone 5s & iPad Work EnvironmentBase Image
iPhone 5s & iPad Work EnvironmentStage Image
iPhone 5s & iPad Work EnvironmentForeground Image
iPhone 5s & iPad Work EnvironmentProcessed Image

Mockup of iPhone 5s and iPad at Creative Office

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This is a great mockup that features two different screens in which you can place your app or mobile responsive website to show it to the world! We can see a black iPhone 5s laying in landscape position next to a black iPad also in landscape position. This is the perfect workplace environment for you to display your new business or productivity iOS app. This iPhone and iPad scene also shows a young man using his iPad for design purposes, we can also notice some headphones next to the devices so this is probably a creative work scene, and it sure looks awesome! Use this mockup to display your new iOS app or mobile responsive website, just drag and drop a screenshot of your app or type your URL above, Placeit will adjust it and make sure you receive a great image for you to share with clients and users as an app marketing strategy.

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