iPhone 5s Gold Oriental RestaurantBase Image
iPhone 5s Gold Oriental RestaurantStage Image
iPhone 5s Gold Oriental RestaurantForeground Image
iPhone 5s Gold Oriental RestaurantProcessed Image

Mockups tool! Gold iPhone on restaurant table

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Place your product app prototype screenshot in this iPhone 5s Gold. The environment is in an Oriental restaurant setting, Makes you hungry, doesn’t it? The white iPhone contrasts on top of a brown wood laminated table. The iPhone is lying between two place settings. The place mats are a red and white grid pattern with whimsical yellow swirls and red fish. The top portion of the placemats are black with red stitching. There are black chopsticks, a white plate, and a black ceramic cup also on the table. The stage sits at a right angle and is 640 x 1136 px. 

Tags:    iPhone  iOS  Portrait Position  Home 

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