iPhone 5c White Concrete TableBase Image
iPhone 5c White Concrete TableStage Image
iPhone 5c White Concrete TableForeground Image
iPhone 5c White Concrete TableProcessed Image

Product Mockup Template, 5c White Concrete Table

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This mockup is set in an educational environment. The white iPhone 5c is lying on top of a concrete table in portrait orientation. Surrounding it are learning components, such as the blue study book on the right, and the two different stacks of flash cards. Picture your product screenshot in this 640 x 1136 px right angled stage. A group of students sit around the concrete table out in the quad having lunch. One student lays out his assignment, and the iPhone 5c. On the iPhone is your awesome screenshot which catches the eyes of his posse sitting around him.

Tags:    iPhone  iOS  Portrait Position 

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