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iPad Working At Home (With Gestures)
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iPad Mini App Demo Video of Designer Working from Home

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This iPad app demo video template presents a home office scenario in which your new productivity app would look amazing. This young woman is working on getting that report finished by the client's due date, sometimes freelancing is not so easy. Luckily, she has her iPad Mini to assist her on completing two different tasks at the same time; we can see she is typing on her Macbook Pro while she browses your new iOS app on her black iPad Mini in portrait position. This is a great context to display your new app as a part of your app marketing campaign, especially because the demo video has natural hand gestures that will adequate to your clicks to provide your potential users an amazing insight on your app's design and features. Try it out right away by recording your app directly into this home office environment and the sleek screen of the black iPad Mini.

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