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iPad Mini Next to Laptop Mockup Template Generator
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iPad Mini Next to Laptop Mockup Template Generator

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Let's take your online marketing strategy to the next level! Placeit's mockup templates and videos are here to help with that. Placeit's app and online marketing tools are created to help you promote your business. So how does it work? Well, first you need to pick a mockup template to use for your iOS app/ website. Like this scene, for example; it features an iPad Mini and the bottom part of a Dell Ultrabook's keyboard. They're both sitting on top of a beautiful wood floor. The simplicity of the background doesn't distract from the iPad Mini's screen, but it still somehow enhances the overall effect of the scene. The iPad Mini's screen is front and center and the eye is naturally drawn to it. Which makes it perfect to use as part of your online marketing strategy. Next, after you've chosen this scene, you'll take a screenshot from your iOS app or website and place it onto the iPad's screen. Finally, you'll download the mockup and then you're ready to share your brand new online marketing tool with the world. See more iPac mockups here!

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