iPad, Macbook and iPhone 6Base Image
iPad, Macbook and iPhone 6Stage Image
iPad, Macbook and iPhone 6Foreground Image
iPad, Macbook and iPhone 6Processed Image

iPad, Macbook and iPhone 7 Mockup Over White Background

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This iPad, Macbook and iPhone 6 mockup presents itself as the best scenario to display your new responsive app or website. You can show off just how beautiful your design and features are by simply dragging screenshots directly into the screen of these top notch devices, or just type your URL. This apple devices mockup has a very elegant and sleek look, we can see the three devices perfectly aligned over a white background that creates a beautiful contrast with the shiny black surface of the iPad Mini, the iPhone 6 and the Macbook's frame. Give your app marketing strategy a twist by using apple mockups to display your new app. All you need to di is add your images to the mockup and your end result will be a beautiful image you will be able to share between coworkers, partners and most important, potential users!

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