iPad, Macbook Air and iPhone 6 Mockup TemplateBase Image
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iPhone 7 Macbook Air 11inch and iPad Mini White Mockup Template

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If you just created a wonderful responsive iOS app or website and you are looking for ways to display it this is the perfect setting to do so. This is a beautiful mockup of three devices that are perfect for a responsive app featuring a Macbook Air (11 inch), iPad Mini and iPhone 6. You can use all three of these devices in the same mockup template. All three devices are demoed on a beautiful white table in a clean and modern setting, the iPad is set on landscape position and the white iPhone 6 is standing in portrait position. This is the perfect responsive mockup template for your new app; by using mockup templates as a part of your app marketing campaign you will make your app stand out from the crowd! Our instant mockup generator will create a beautiful image for you in seconds! If you are getting ready to submit an iPad app to the app store then we recommend to read this iPad Screen Size guide first!

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