iMac, iPad and iPhone On Wooden DeskBase Image
iMac, iPad and iPhone On Wooden DeskStage Image
iMac, iPad and iPhone On Wooden DeskForeground Image
iMac, iPad and iPhone On Wooden DeskProcessed Image

iPhone, iPad Mini and iMac Mockup Over Wooden Desk

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Are you wanting to show the diversity of your website/app to your audience? If so, Placeit has the perfect mockup for you. This scenario features not one, not two but three different Apple products. An iPhone 6, iPad Mini and a Mac Desktop. Three devices means you can upload three different screenshots from your site. You can use the larger screen of the Mac to display the most detailed screen shot or most important information. Then you still have the iPad Mini's screen, displayed in landscape position for a second screenshot and then you can add yet another screenshot, logo or advertisement to this scene, by placing onto the iPhone 6. Making this mockup a triple marketing threat.

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