iMac Front View At OfficeBase Image
iMac Front View At OfficeStage Image
iMac Front View At OfficeForeground Image
iMac Front View At OfficeProcessed Image

Product Mockup Template, imac front view at office

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This office space stage really has some great personal touches. You get a front view of in iMac with space available for 1920 by 1080 pixel image to show off your website mockup. The iMac has a post-it note  stuck to the bottom of it and at the top there is a really cute little cardboard figurine of Finn from Adventure Time. There’s also a sweater hanging off the back of an office chair, and some post-it notes off to the background, and a glass of water next to an office phone. These all just makes it look like someone just got up from using your website.

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