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iMac Business App Demo Video of Coworkers at the Office

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It's her first day at the office and even though there are a lot of new things she must do, she is a fast learner so they both have a feeling that everything will work out fine. As her coworker shows her how things are done at the office, she uses her new iMac to start getting familiar with the software and business workflow. This is a great business demo video template that provides a collaborative environment in which you can display your new website or web app, especially because the iMac is one of the best devices to do so, imagine how awesome your design and features would look within that large and shiny screen, now make it happen! All you need to do is record your screen and Placeit will adjust it to fit the iMac's screen perfectly. Use demo video templates as a part of your online marketing strategy to share an insight on your website's features with clients and potential users. See more App Demo Video Templates here!