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Having Breakfast While Using an iPad
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App Demo Video Using iPad in Landscape While Having Breakfast

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It is 7:00 in the morning and this young lady is getting ready to go to school, she is fixing herself some quick breakfast, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich will do. As she finishes preparing her delicious sandwich she is using her black iPad Mini in landscape position, she seems to be browsing the web, maybe using a new productivity app to check on her daily tasks or perhaps streaming a video or getting an update on local news, it could even be your brand new iOS app she is using on her iPad. This is a beautiful app demo video that presents the black iPad mini in landscape position over a kitchen counter as she spreads some PB and jelly on two slices of bread, the composition of the video allows the main focus to be on the iPad's screen which is conveniently displaying your app being used in a real life scenario. By using app demo videos to share your app's design and features you will be enhancing your app marketing strategy.Besides, using Placeit to create app demo videos is the easiest thing! Just record your website or app and it will be adjusted to fit this scenario, try it out right away and see for yourself!

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