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Guy Using a Public Bike With Samsung Galaxy S5 Mockup

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Are you ready to take your android app marketing strategy to the next level? If so, you should partner with Placeit's mockup templates and videos. Let's say you have a fitness app, or a cool new outdoorsy app or an android app meant to help tourist or locals find fun activities in a specific area, etc. Then you'll want to grab a mockup template like this one, featuring a young man renting a public bike for the afternoon. He has a huge smile on his face and he's holding a Samsung Galaxy 5S, which he could have used to find this bike rental shop, or he could be checking in on a new social app or video chatting with his friends about his afternoon plans, etc. The bike rental background, makes this scene perfect for drawing the attentions of a younger and more active audience. Now all that is missing from this scene is your android app! So what are you waiting for? Drag a screenshot from your android app or mobile responsive website and place it onto the Samsung Galaxy's screen. After you're happy with the look of this mockup template, you can download it from Placeit's website and begin using this scene to promote your app!

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