Google Nexus Black Landscape Woman Chilling On CouchBase Image
Google Nexus Black Landscape Woman Chilling On CouchStage Image
Google Nexus Black Landscape Woman Chilling On Couch
Google Nexus Black Landscape Woman Chilling On CouchProcessed Image

Device Mockup Black Nexus 7 Woman Relaxing on Couch


With a dab of the human element you can use this Google Nexus mockup for a relaxed look at your app. Great for an everyday app that will simplify your users lives. This Google Nexus is being held by a woman relaxing on a couch enjoying your product. The couch is a cozy grey and the woman is barefoot at home with not a care in the world. Make your product look like it will have anyone relaxing on a coach in no time. The Google Nexus mockup can hold an image of 1280x800px in this landscape view.

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