Gold iPhone 6 at the Park (With Gestures)Base Image
Gold iPhone 6 at the Park (With Gestures)Stage Image
Gold iPhone 6 at the Park (With Gestures)
Gold iPhone 6 at the Park (With Gestures)Processed Image

Gold iPhone 6 App Demo Video of Girl at the Park

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A cute blonde girl went out to relax for a while at the park, she is sitting in a bench while she uses her new Gold iPhone 6 to browse your app. This is a great iPhone 6 App Demo Video because it presents a green and fresh park scenario with lots of trees that merges really well with the sophisticated iPhone 6 for a fresh look, besides, the girl is wearing a pink outfit that perfectly complements the color scheme of the image. The only thing this iPhone 6 app demo video is missing is your app! Record it right away for a completely natural display, especially because Placeit adds real hand gestures to create a deep insight on your app being used in a common context. Don't imagine how awesome your new iOS app would look in this demo video, try it out right away! See more iPhone mockups here!