Gold iPhone 6 at Coffee Shop (With Gestures)Base Image
Gold iPhone 6 at Coffee Shop (With Gestures)Stage Image
Gold iPhone 6 at Coffee Shop (With Gestures)
Gold iPhone 6 at Coffee Shop (With Gestures)Processed Image

Gold iPhone 6 App Demo Video of Girl at Coffee Shop

$99 or Free Using a Video Subscription

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This app demo video presents a nice scenario in which you will be able to share a recording of your own app. Starring the demo video we see a young woman as she arrives at a local coffee shop, she takes a seat by the window and uses her Gold iPhone 6 in portrait position to browse the web, message a friend that was supposed to come along or even better, use your own iOS app. By using app demo videos as a part of your iOS app marketing strategy, you will be presenting your app or mobile responsive website, its information and services in an original way that will include a context of your site or app being used at a real life situation, like this young woman at a coffee shop. Besides, using Placeit to create app demo videos is the easiest thing! Just record your website or app and it will be adjusted to fit this scenario, try it out right away and see for yourself!