Gold iPhone 6 at Bookstore (With Gestures)Base Image
Gold iPhone 6 at Bookstore (With Gestures)Stage Image
Gold iPhone 6 at Bookstore (With Gestures)
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iPhone 6 App Demo Video of Girl at Bookstore

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This is a beautiful Gold iPhone 6 app demo video. We can see a young blonde girl at a local bookstore, she is searching for that classic novel her literature teacher recommended to her last week at class. While wandering through aisles filled with books and knowledge, she holds her Gold iPhone 6 in portrait position and opens up a notes or reminders app to write down some other books she might be interested in later. You can choose this iPhone 6 app demo video to share an insight of your app in a great environment like this bookstore, which can also be a college library, it all depends on your iOS app and what you decide to record from it. By using this app demo video your end result will be an amazing video you will be able to share within coworkers, business parters and most importantly, your potential users.