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Girls Having Cocktails (With Gestures)
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Three Girls Having Fun While out for Drinks iPhone 6 App Demo Video

$99 or Free Using the Unlimited Subscription

Applicable taxes not included. All prices in USD

This iPhone 6 app demo video is the perfect scenario to display your new app or website within real context. The demo video presents three young women that decided to go out and get some drinks, one of them is telling an amazing story and the three of them burst in laughter once she is done. Your app is being used by one of the girls on her new iPhone 6 and she shares it with her friends. This app demo video can be used to showcase a social or entertainment app within a fresh context that gives it a storyline, and with our natural hand gestures, you will be able to display the app's design and features. Share your completed video with business partners, coworkers and potential users, they'll love it and won't be able to wait to download your app and start using it right away. Just upload or record your video and that's it!

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