Girl Using iPhone 6 by a BookshelfBase Image
Girl Using iPhone 6 by a BookshelfStage Image
Girl Using iPhone 6 by a BookshelfForeground Image
Girl Using iPhone 6 by a BookshelfProcessed Image

Mockup Featuring a Girl Using a White iPhone 6 by a Bookshelf

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The teacher told her to pick an american novel for her next literature assignment, so she is using her iPhone to search for ideas as she just found a couple of books that might be of use. Do you see the smiling young lady in this scenario? She's deeply engaged with her iPhone 6 and is loving whatever she is browsing on its portrait screen. Plus, the classic background of the bookshelf provides this scene with a real life feel. This scene has everything needed to create a fun iPhone 6 mockup that will do wonders for your iOS app marketing strategy. The only thing missing from this scenario with bright lights and books on the wall is your new iOS app or mobile responsive website. Well, It's time to change that! Go ahead and add your app's screenshot and let this Placeit mockup of and education environment do its work!

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