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Mockup Generator of Woman Sitting on Yoga Mat Holding iPhone 6

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Holding a white iPhone in landscape position while sitting cross legged on a yoga mat, this young woman knows a yoga workout isn’t complete without your newest iOS app to keep her company. Whether it encourages her before and throughout or rewards her exercise session afterwards, this Placeit template clearly showcases your iOS app in a cool, hip marketing image. Make the correlation between your product and the daily vital habits of the young and modern for your target demographic. Want to see your app being used by this zen young lady? It’s so easy! Just drag and drop a screenshot of your own app directly into the iPhone's screen, or simply type a URL above and Placeit will automatically adjust it for a custom image designed to showcase your product. Capture everyone's attention and take your marketing strategy to the next level with this Placeit iPhone template. All that's missing in this scene is your wonderful new iOS app.

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