Frontal cropped view of an IPad MiniBase Image
Frontal cropped view of an IPad MiniStage Image
Frontal cropped view of an IPad MiniForeground Image
Frontal cropped view of an IPad MiniProcessed Image

White iPad Mini Mockup Template With Different Backdrops

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If you love having options then this Placeit iPad Mini stock photo template is absolutely ideal for you. A slightly cropped White iPad Mini is shown in portrait position, the device puts the spotlight on your new iOS app while the background is yours for the choosing. If you love the boldness of this white iPad Mini stock photo template, then simply select the perfect backdrop from the options provided to compliment it. You are free to customize and really make this one your own. Take advantage of this opportunity to create your vision and show off your new iOS app in different environments and settings. Build a custom mockup template now. Just drag and drop a screenshot of your new iOS app directly onto the screen in the template, or you can click on the "Grab Screenshot From URL" button above the photo and type in the URL so Placeit can do it for you. Once you see your screenshot on the device, feel free to swap the backgrounds on the right to pick the one that suits your app best. Placeit gives you practical options and sophisticated marketing tools that conveniently work for you.

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