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Cute Dog and Macbook Over Couch
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Mockup of Macbook Air Next to a Cute Dog Over a Couch

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It doesn't get any cuter than this. This beautiful black pug puppy just came home from a walk outside and is exhausted so he lays over the couch, next to a Macbook Air, the perfect place for you to display your new pet care website or web app. Actually, any website would look stunning next to this cute puppy. The photograph has great lightning and the arrangement works fantastically, as it allows you to display a full screenshot on the Macbook, which steals the spotlight and provides a great context for you to present your new site in. Use Macbook mockups as a part of your online marketing strategy to provide your potential users and clients a clear insight on your website's design and features while being used. Besides, this mockup generator makes it super easy for you to create an amazing image within seconds! Just drag and drop your screenshot over the macbook screen.
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