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Couple Using HTC One M8 at Dinner Android Mockup

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The black HTC One M8 looks great in landscape position! The atmosphere of this template is quite calm, but the table's tile pattern will draw the focus to your product and subtly let your clients know that, despite the tranquil environment in which the product is being used, there is a whole lot happening at the table where all focus is on your product. The candle located immediately behind the image onscreen is another sure sign that attention will end up right where you want it; your android app is the beginning of a big opportunity for your clients and this template showcases what you've created. Let's get started! Drag a screenshot of your android app or mobile responsive website onto the HTC One M8's screen to bring your product to life in this scenario. If you have your app's photo in a URL instead, select "Grab Screenshot From URL" above the image and type the URL once prompted!
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