Couple Having Coffee and Using iPadBase Image
Couple Having Coffee and Using iPadStage Image
Couple Having Coffee and Using iPadForeground Image
Couple Having Coffee and Using iPadProcessed Image

iPad Mockup of Couple Having Coffee While Using iPad

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In this sweet and warm mockup we can see a couple that decided to go out to get some delicious coffee at a local coffee shop. They are using an app or browsing a website on their white iPad Mini in landscape position. You can choose to display your social, entertainment or lifestyle app within this beautiful mockup to be able to share an insight on both the design and features; all you need to do is drag a screenshot of your iOS app directly into the bright screen of the iPad Mini, or you can just type the URL above and Placeit will automatically convert it into a screenshot. Try it out now, mockups can have an amazing impact on your app marketing.
Tags:    iPad  iOS  Landscape Position  Home  Food  Social 

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