Corporate Lounge App Demo Video (With Gestures)Base Image
Corporate Lounge App Demo Video (With Gestures)Stage Image
Corporate Lounge App Demo Video (With Gestures)
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App Demo Video of Men Using iPhone 6 At Corporate Lounge

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A group of coworkers meet at a corporate lounge in a high-rise building overlooking the city. They talk and discuss a new client they just acquired. Then, one of them pulls out his iPhone 6 and looks at... your app! Generate your own app demo video with this awesome video template. Just record your screen and your app will be used by this team of corporate businessmen. Your app, in landscape mode, will appear complete with hand gestures replicating every click and scroll you did! If you're doing app marketing or just need an app demo video for your website, you could use this professional promo video template and bring your app to life. You can also edit the video later, add music or add other clips to complete your own app demo video.

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