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Celebration With Xperia Z3
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Sony Xperia Z3 Mockup Featuring People in Party Setting

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Looking for a way to show people that your app is available at more places than just the iTunes store? Then this Placeit mockup, featuring the Sony Xperia, is exactly what you're looking for. In this scene, you see a group of people drinking and having a good time. They're probably at some kind of party or social gathering. But the main focus of this scene is the man, holding up his Sony Xperia. You can tell that he is more interested in whatever is on his screen, than the party around him. What has this man so engaged? Is it a fun new game? A new social media app? Is he watching the big game on a new platform? Chatting with a friend who couldn't make it to the party? There is no end to the possibilities here. Now, don't you wish that it was your app that had this man's undivided attention? Well stop wishing, download this mockup right now and upload a screenshot of your app, right on top of the Sony Xperia screen.

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