Celebrating With iPhone 6 and HTCBase Image
Celebrating With iPhone 6 and HTCStage Image
Celebrating With iPhone 6 and HTCForeground Image
Celebrating With iPhone 6 and HTCProcessed Image

HTC and iPhone 6 Mockup Featuring a Couple on a Date

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Now this mockup is perfect for showing the versatility of your app. In this scene we have a young couple on a date, sharing something with each other, on two phones. The casual, fun setting means this scene could work for so many different types of apps or mobile responsive websites. They could be sharing the newest social media app with each other, comparing dating profiles, exchanging photos or videos, etc. There's no end to the possibilities here. But what truly makes this mockup such a valuable marketing tool, is the fact there are two different types of phones. Here we have an HTC phone and the iPhone 6, both screens are perfectly positioned for you add your own screenshots. Plus, having your screenshot on both phones, means people will know that your app is a available in more than just the iTunes store. See more Responsive Mockups here!

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