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Buying Wine and Using iPhone 6 (With Gestures)
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App Demo Video of Man Buying Wine and Using iPhone 6

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This iPhone 6 app demo video features a young man at a liquor store, he is looking for the perfect bottle of wine to bring to dinner tonight, he is finally going to meet the in-laws and he is working hard on making a good impression. Since he is not quite sure on wether Argentinian or Chilean wines are better than the Napa Valley ones, he is using his iPhone 6 to do a bit of research to pick the best bottle, not too strong or too sweet. He is using his black iPhone 6 in portrait position to browse the web, or use your amazing new iOS app to get some guidance. This iPhone app demo video template is a great place for you to display your new app, show off its design and innovative features, especially because the demo video will add natural hand gestures to your clicks to make is seem as if this man is really interacting with your app or website. Use this demo video to create an amazing result which you will be able to share with potential clients and users as a part of your app marketing campaign.