Burger Time With iPhone 6 (With Gestures)Base Image
Burger Time With iPhone 6 (With Gestures)Stage Image
Burger Time With iPhone 6 (With Gestures)
Burger Time With iPhone 6 (With Gestures)Processed Image

App Demo Video of Man Using His iPhone 6 While out for Lunch

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If you just developed a new iOS app or mobile responsive website this is a great place to show it off. This app demo video template presents a nice and fresh environment; a young man decided to go out for lunch, he is having a delicious burger at small outdoors restaurant. He is using his black iPhone 6 in portrait position to surf the web, or perhaps use your new app while having lunch. You can use this app demo video to present your new app within context, besides, this template allows natural hand gestures that will provide an authentic feel as it displays your design and innovative features. All you need to do is record your app and we will do the rest, delivering an amazing iPhone 6 app demo video at a lunch scene.

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