Black iPhone 6 Plus While Having CoffeeBase Image
Black iPhone 6 Plus While Having CoffeeStage Image
Black iPhone 6 Plus While Having CoffeeForeground Image
Black iPhone 6 Plus While Having CoffeeProcessed Image

Product Mockup Template, iPhone on a Book

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This iPhone mockup presents a very interesting scenario, we can see the black iPhone 6 is laying in portrait position next to a book or notebook, next to it there are other elements that suggest someone is either doing some studying or quick work. There is a fancy red pen, a cup of black coffee and even some white apple headphones that make us think this person is listening to some music for concentration. Imagine your education or productivity iOS app being displayed within this iPhone 6 With Book and Coffee Mockup Template scenario, it would look amazing, right? Now stop imagining and make it happen! All you need to do is drag a screenshot of your own app straight into this iPhone’s screen, or simply type the URL of your mobile responsive website above and Placeit will adjust it to deliver an amazing image carrying your app’s design and features so you can share it with potential users and clients.

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