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Mockup Template, iPhone 6 Resting on a Womans Lap

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This is an amazing iPhone 6 mockup template in which you can display your own video streaming iOS app within context. Take a look at the scene. This young woman is enjoying a relaxing time, she has lots of work to complete before the end of the day so she decided to take a break and have a hot cup of coffee while streaming a video on her black iPhone 6 in landscape position; the device is laying over her lap as she sits on a blue bench outside the office. This is a great mockup template in which you can showcase your new iOS app or mobile responsive website in a clever and original way that will enhance your app marketing strategy. All you need to do is drag and drop an image straight into the iPhone’s landscape screen or simply type your URL above and Placeit will automatically adjust it to deliver a beautiful image that will carry a screenshot of your own app so you will be able to share it with potential clients and users. Use this iPhone 6 Resting Over Woman’s Lap Mockup Template as an app marketing tool right away and see the results for yourself! See more iPhone mockups here!

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