Black iPad Grass And GlassesBase Image
Black iPad Grass And GlassesStage Image
Black iPad Grass And GlassesForeground Image
Black iPad Grass And GlassesProcessed Image

Create Instant Screenshots! iPad Park Orange

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A young man decided to plan a romantic picnic with his girlfriend to celebrate their one year anniversary. He packed some fruit, a blanket and her iPad and took her to a beautiful park to have a nice summer afternoon. This iPad mockup features a black iPad in landscape position, the tablet is laying over the grass on top of a blanket, next to the iPad we can see some other elements, like an orange, some reading glasses and even a man’s shoe; he can either be barefoot somewhere else outside the image or standing right there. This is a great iPad mockup generator in which you can display your new iOS app or mobile responsive website within a beautiful context, like this young man on a picnic date! Go ahead and try it out real quick! To showcase your app on this iPad Mockup Template at the Park all you need to do is drag a screenshot of your app straight into the iPad! That’s it! Placeit will adjust the image and deliver an amazing iPad mockup that will allow you to share your app’s design and features with potential clients and partners.

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