Beautiful Woman Sitting Down and Using a Black iPadBase Image
Beautiful Woman Sitting Down and Using a Black iPadStage Image
Beautiful Woman Sitting Down and Using a Black iPad
Beautiful Woman Sitting Down and Using a Black iPadProcessed Image

Beautiful Woman Sitting Down and Using a Black iPad

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This gorgeous Placeit stock photo mockup is an eye-catching scene of a beautiful woman viewing your new iOS app on a black iPad she holds in landscape position. Her day of leisure at the beauty shop just got better with your new iOS app as her reliable companion. She could be comparing prices, viewing beauty tutorials or researching the latest trends. Whatever it is, clearly your new app is the go to resource for her and she can’t wait to share it with her friends and family. If this scene could be right for you, get started now by dragging and dropping your desired screenshot onto the iPad in the template or import a screenshot from a URL by clicking the "Grab Screenshot From URL" button and type in the URL so Placeit can do it for you. Look fabulous and frame your new iOS app with this polished and sophisticated stock photo mockup.
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