Baby and Mom With iPad at the BackyardBase Image
Baby and Mom With iPad at the BackyardStage Image
Baby and Mom With iPad at the BackyardForeground Image
Baby and Mom With iPad at the BackyardProcessed Image

iPad Mockup of Baby and Mom With iPad at the Backyard

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If you and your team just finished developing that new kids iOS app, this is definitely the best way to display it to the world and your potential users as a part of your app marketing strategy. This iPad mockup provides the perfect context in which your kids app would be used and in a really casual way, we can see a young mom and her baby relaxing at the backyard, they are sitting in the grass and she is using her white iPad in portrait position to show her baby a video or game directly from the app, they seem to be having a pleasant and fun moment together, just the idea you are going for with your online marketing campaign. Use this iPad template to display your new app and to share an insight on its design and features with clients and potential users. Just drag your image straight into the iPad's screen, or type your mobile responsive site's URL above and we'll convert it.
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