Apple Watch And iPhone 6 Over CouchBase Image
Apple Watch And iPhone 6 Over CouchStage Image
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Apple Watch And iPhone 6 Over CouchProcessed Image

Apple Watch And iPhone 6 Over Couch

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This Placeit multi-device stock photo template really wants to show off your new iOS app and/or website. Featuring both a black Apple Watch and a black iPhone, the possibilities to make a powerful statement is limitless with this template. Your potential consumers won’t be able to take their eyes off this gorgeous scene. Here we have a young lady wearing a black Apple Watch on her left wrist while holding a black iPhone in an angled portrait position in her right hand. The simple backdrop is a white and blue cushion beneath her hands. Don’t miss out on this unique chance to make double the impact. This versatile Placeit marketing template is as dynamic and energetic as your new iOS app. Try showcasing your new iOS app with this beautiful multistage stock photo template of an iPhone 6 and an Apple Watch right away as a part of your app marketing campaign.

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