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App Demo Video of Receptionist Using iPhone 6 to Write a Message

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She works as the receptionist at a big corporate office, that is why her job requires her to stay organized and keep track of everything, visits, calls and emails; this young woman tries really hard to stay in focus and don't anything slip her mind. Luckily, she has her iPhone 6 to assist her. She is using her gold iPhone 6 in portrait position to browse your new iOS productivity app or mobile responsive website, ever since she downloaded your app on her iPhone she has been more organized and everyone at the office seems to notice it. Use app demo videos to display your app's great design and features in an original way that will provide a real context and natural hand gestures to make the interaction within the video authentic. All you need to do is record your app and Placeit will do the rest so you can share this demo video with potential clients and users as a part of your app marketing strategy.

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