Android Mockup With Interchangeable BackgroundsBase Image
Android Mockup With Interchangeable BackgroundsStage Image
Android Mockup With Interchangeable BackgroundsForeground Image
Android Mockup With Interchangeable BackgroundsProcessed Image

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mockup PNG With Interchangeable Backgrounds

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Take a good look at this fantastic stock photo template! Featuring this android mockup we have a black Samsung Galaxy S5 in portrait position on the right side of the image. You will be able to showcase your new android app or mobile responsive website within this mockup, but that's not it; you can actually choose between a wide variety of backgrounds to select the one that fits your app best. Take a look at how your app will look by being showcased in these beautiful scenarios, all you need to do is drag and drop a screenshot of your app directly into the Samsung Galaxy's screen and Placeit will adjust it for you, then you can just swap the backgrounds on your right to test them. Finally, you will be able to download a custom made android mockup so you can use it as a part of your app marketing strategy. Feel free to try all of these backgrounds right away to match your target audience.

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