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Samsung Galaxy S5 Mockup Featuring a Young Man Shopping for Clothes

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What kind of android app or mobile responsive website do you need to promote? A fun shopping app? A cool new social app? Maybe you've created a great way for people to transfer funds or pay for things online/in-store? Perhaps you have an app that allows people to share photos or chat face-to-face? Whatever you've created, you need an app marketing tool to help spread the word about it. And that's where Placeit's mock-up templates and videos come in. Firstly, you pick out an android mock-up, like this one for example, it features a young man shopping in a clothing store. He's holding a beautiful Samsung Galaxy S5 in his hands and he has a big smile on his face. So, you can tell he's loving whatever is on that large screen of his Galaxy. How great would it be if it was your android app that has him smiling? Well it can be, because once you've chosen this scene, you'll drag a screenshot from your android app onto the Galaxy's screen, then this young man will be using your app with that huge smile on his face. After you've created your mockup, you can download the template and your app marketing tool, will be all ready!

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