Android Mockup of Cyclist Using LG G3Base Image
Android Mockup of Cyclist Using LG G3Stage Image
Android Mockup of Cyclist Using LG G3Foreground Image
Android Mockup of Cyclist Using LG G3Processed Image

Cyclist Using LG G3 at the Park Android Mock-Up Template

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Let's take your app's marketing strategy up a notch or two. Do you have a great new fitness app? Maybe you have a cool app that shows bicyclist biking trails? Or maybe you've created an app that allows people to share photos and videos of their outdoor activities? If this sounds like your app, then you should checkout this scene from Placeit's mockup templates. Here you can see a fit and active young man, standing in front of his bicycle, while holding a LG G3 Smartphone. You can tell by the background that this scene is made to appeal to the active and youthful crowd. Now look at that close-up shot of that screen of the LG G3, it's just screaming out for your app to join in. And it's really simple for you to make that happen. All you need to do is take a detailed screenshot from your app or mobile responsive website and drag it onto the LG G3's screen. After you've done that, all you need to do is download the mock-up template and your app's marketing tool will be complete. Placeit's mockup templates and your LG G3 app are a winning combination!

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