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HP Laptop And LG G3 Mockup Generator of Woman Multitasking

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Bring your product to life with the LG G3 smartphone and HP Laptop mockup generator. Both devices are shown here, the LG G3 is being held by this young woman in portrait position. Show end users the versatility of your product as a professional endeavor on the laptop, or as a portable escape from their mundane everyday activities on a smartphone. The earth tones within this template provide an excellent contrast to any digital image and will draw the focus of consumers directly to your product. Not many products have the versatility that your android app and website offers; you know it, and it's time to help clients see this opportunity clearly as well! Drag a screenshot of your image onto one or both of the devices shown here to bring your product to life! If you've got your image in a URL instead, select "Grab Screenshot From URL" above the image, and type in the URL when prompted. Voilá! By showing your clients how your product will look in their daily lives, you are helping them to see how much they truly need what you're offering.

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