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Step 1.

Design & Launch

Smart Templates Make Design Easy

Create beautiful designs for your Spring products within seconds using Placeit’s creative and on-trend smart templates! Placeit’s design maker is super easy to use and there over 7,000 current templates to choose from, with more being added all the time. You don’t need to hire a graphic designer or be one to create phenomenal designs. If you can fill out a form, you can create unique and high-quality designs, no art degree required! Once you’ve created and downloaded your design – head back to the Spring Launcher to create your products and start promoting them – this can all be done in minutes! Scroll down for more helpful tools to help boost your sales. Pro Tip: Make sure to save your designs with a transparent background for a quick and easy upload in the Spring Launcher!
Make a T-Shirt Design

Step 2.

Ready to Use Mockups

The Largest Collection of Mockups on the Internet

Whether you’re a creator or own a clothing brand, Placeit has thousands of professional apparel mockups covering t-shirts, hoodies, hats, leggings, and much much more. Each mockup is carefully crafted to make sure your designs look incredible. Mockups are a simple way to quickly boost your brand’s appearance across your social channels when promoting a new design or product. You don’t need to hire photographers or designers to create stunning lifestyle imagery – In just a few clicks you can make dozens of professional photos that will have your designs looking incredible! If that’s not enough, Placeit also has a huge library of video mockups as well! Pro Tip: Once you’ve created your products in the Spring Launcher – head back to Placeit to start generating your mockups for promotion!
Use Our Mockup Generator

Step 3.

Promo Assets + Ads

Give Your Brand a Boost in a Few Clicks​

Choose from thousands of stunning, professionally designed ad templates to promote your products across all social media platforms. They are ridiculously easy to modify and the generator lets you take one design, and with a single click, download images formatted for every platform!
After generating your mockups, you can now simply upload them to the banner maker to create your social assets in minutes. From there you are all set to promote! Plus, you can also make amazing YouTube banners & thumbnails, Twitch banners, and much more.
Make an Ad

Step 4.

Make Your Logo

Brand Your Store & Channel in No Time

Take your Spring store to the next level by creating a brand new logo for your brand. Or if you are a YouTube creator or Twitch streamer, it might be time for a brand refresh – Placeit has the ultimate logo library with nearly 3,000 easy to use logo templates covering nearly all industries, from gaming to the outdoors and everything in between.Each logo template has hundreds of graphic options, fonts, and elements that can be easily edited to create a unique and iconic logo that’s perfect for your brand. With just a few clicks, you can create a stunning logo with Placeit’s Logo Maker. Absolutely no design skills needed or special software - do it all directly from your browser.Pro Tip: Keep your branding consistent across all platforms and remember to upload your new logo to your store using the Spring Storefront Editor.
Make a Logo

Step 5.

Go Video!

Videos Are Attractive, Make Them Easily!

Check out Placeit’s video creation tools to market your designs using video templates and create engaging motion graphics for specific promotions.Each video is carefully designed to look professional no matter which one you pick. Promote your latest product, create a viral countdown sensation, and share across your social channels with ease. This is why you need to start using videos now:
  • 4 times more consumers prefer to watch a video over an image and text post.
  • Videos have double the click-through rate than images.
  • Video ads are up to 12 times more likely to convert than image ads.
Make a Video

Placeit Is a Powerful Online Tool for Branding and Marketing Assets

Placeit is the best online tool that will help all business people create a marvelous brand and the perfect marketing assets for their strategic efforts. Our growing library of mockups and design templates are made by professional designers and photographers, leaving to you the fun part of customizing. No extra software, just click directly from your browser and start creating your images.
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