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Social Media Graphic Templates

Many entrepreneurs use social media platforms to get the word out about the products and services they provide, but many have found out that with current tools like Photoshop or Illustrator making them can end up being really time-consuming. Here at Placeit we think that it shouldn’t be and that while having clear and effective communication with your followers is super important, making your images or ads shouldn’t take out a huge chunk of time out of your already busy day. Here is where social media image templates by Placeit comes in to make things easier, check out all the template styles we have down below!

Facebook Image Templates

Staying on top of your social media channels, engaging with your followers and having a clear communication with them is a really important task for an entrepreneur. One of the things that you always have to keep in mind is that your Facebook page many times is the first place future customers might learn about your brand, which is a great opportunity for you to start building some trust from the get-go. Images can help you build that trust by following a clear editorial line (which means using similar colors, pictures, and fonts) that will make your brand identifiable and trustworthy.

Posts on Facebook that have videos or photos have higher organic engagement.


Instagram Image Templates

One of the fastest growing social platforms online today is Instagram with 800 million users and many brands hopping on to the visual marketing train. The greatest thing about Instagram is that people are already there to look at visually appealing images, so if you nail this down you’ll be on the way to getting those followers to your brand. With our Instagram image templates, you can create images for your feed or for Instagram stories (which has 300 million daily users, so you’ll probably want to use it too!).

1 Million Monthly Active Advertisers Have Access To Instagram Stories Ads.


Twitter Image Templates

Even though Twitter isn’t a strictly visual platform like Instagram, pictures on it are a really strong way to get your tweets noticed and build confidence in your brand. For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Twitter is great to advertise your brand and get noticed. Also, Twitter works really well for user engagement because it’s easy for customers and users to connect with the brands they follow. On Placeit you can make images for your feed as well as for your Twitter cover to create a strong brand.

85% of Twitter users who follow SMBs said they believe Promoted Accounts help them discover new businesses, and 68% have followed an SMB after seeing their Promoted Account.


Pinterest Pin Templates

Talking about strong platforms to advertise on with 175 million users worldwide (75 million in the US only), Pinterest for Business is proven to be a strong place to market your products. Also, it being a visual platform, taking advantage of pins to promote your products, content or services only makes sense to have stunning pins and a tool to make them with! Placeit has the exact sizes you need for your pins and you’ll be able to make them in no time.

75% of content that Pinners save comes from businesses and 90% of weekly Pinners use Pinterest to make purchase decisions.


How To Make Social Media Images With Placeit

Placeit’s Social Media Image Makers are a great way to make graphics for your brand accounts. To make them , you simply have to:

  1. Pick a social media image template , we have a lot of them and we’re constantly adding new ones!
  2. Write in your text, remember to make it short and to the point. Pick a font or fonts that compliment each other.
  3. Choose between custom graphics, pictures or upload your own picture for the background.
  4. Download your image!

It’s super easy and you’ll have an image in the correct size for your brand’s social media accounts in no time!

Make Social Media Images The Easy Way!

Even though graphics in your social media channels are super important, getting good ones shouldn’t take a ton of time, nor give you a headache.
Make sure to use the best social media template tool out there and invest all that free time you’ll have in what’s most important: your business.

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