Get Your Social Media Image Sizes Right with Placeit

In this day and age, a business that isn’t taking full advantage of social media is missing out on an opportunity to grow their brand. Having the right images is key to letting your audience know about your company, products, offers and all marketing efforts. All the information is here, you can read it in order or make use of the index down below to skim through.

Why Do I Need Images for Social Media?

To Get Your Audience's Attention

In the endless scroll of your audience’s timeline, messages and offers can get lost. With images, you’ll have a better chance of getting their attention. 

To Follow Your Brand's Guidelines

Make sure your audience knows who you are from the get go and strengthen your brand by setting clear colors and graphic styles to use in social media. 

To Strengthen Your Message

Visual content is a great way tostrengthen your message because with it, you can give your audience visual cues which can hint at your message.

To Help Your Audience Retain Your Message

A lot of what we read is forgotten withing a few hours of us reading it. That’s why having visual aids is a great way to help your message be remembered.

"Facebook posts with images see 2.3x more engagement than those without images."

What Image Sizes do I Need?

With Placeit’s Social Media Image Maker take the guesswork out of designing images for your social accounts, all while taking advantage of Placeit’s resource library to the fullest. Remember that using this social media image maker you’ll have the right file, in the right size, every time. 

Make a Facebook post image, ad or cover photo in minutes, just select the graphic and background you’d like to use.

You’ll be able to create Twitter banners, cover photos and images in minutes. 

A pin in pinterest has to be interesting to get your audience’s attention, make sure to use colors that stand out. 

Instagram is the most image heavy of all the social media platforms, make sure your images go with your brand’s guidelines.

Use Your Social Media Images to Stand out from the Competition

Having social media images that look professional will establish your message. Whatever you message is, it should be clear and concise so it resonates with your audience. Using images can help you achieve this. To make the most out of our social media image makers, make sure to check out out post on best practices when creating Social Media Images for the full information on making the best images possible. 

Social media graphics that have text should be clear enough for your audience to be able to read them at a glance.

High contrast images are great for social media because they’re easy to read.

Have your social media images look professional using the hundreds of assets availible on Placeit.

New products, events or promotions will be better recieved and remembered with images.

Create images with pictures as backgrounds, they are royalty free so you don’t have to worry about copyright issues.

Lastly, creating social media images shouldn’t take long, so we’ve created these tools with your time in mind.

Create Amazing Images for Social Media Quickly and Easily

It’s so easy to use Placeit’s Social Media Image Maker. The only thing you have to do is go to the templates, pick the one you want to use and edit the text, graphics and colors that you want to display. Afterwards you’ll only have to download it in the correct size and post it all over social media. Placeit offers you:

  • Many different graphic styles
  • No need fore expensive software or design tools
  • Loads of great fonts to choose from
  • An easy-to-use interface

Let’s go through the steps, click on social media image maker to open up the same template in a new window to follow along with the video tutorial.

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