Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Get Your Restaurant on the Right Track with Placeit’s Promotion Tools

The Basics: Making a Great Restaurant Logo

Most definitely, the love and care you put into your dishes or pastries make them unique already, but you want to pair that up with a logo that truly represents you so anyone can quickly recognize it no matter where they see it. This is why a good logo can become your business’s best friend!

With Placeit’s Online Logo Maker, creating the right restaurant logo is as easy as pie. Simply navigate through the logo template library and create beautiful designs in seconds. Placeit does all the hard work for you, but you still get to customize your logo to your liking. Did we mention all of this happens right in your browser? Go ahead and get off to a great start by making a logo that truly represents you.

Go Further and Try Different Marketing Strategies

So you’ve already covered some elements of your marketing mix which are your product, your price, and your place. In order to promote your restaurant you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Where can you get your messages across to your target audience? Is it online, through printed media, on billboards?
  • Are your food and service excellent? Word of mouth will tell!
  • When is the best time to promote? Think about seasonality: if you run a Mexican restaurant, you’d probably see a great payoff if you make a marketing effort close to 5 de Mayo.
  • What are your competitors doing? Does that have an impact on your choice of promotional activities?  

Answering these questions will help you decide what marketing materials you should invest in. 

Restaurant Flyers for All

You can use a flyer design template to create a flyer for your restaurant in just a few clicks. All templates are customizable, so you’re sure to find a good fit no matter where you start experimenting over at Placeit.

Restaurant Business Cards with Your Own Style

Having business cards means being able to hand out your information in a moment’s notice. Most of Placeit’s Business Card Templates allow you to use one of the images from the library or upload your own and tweak everything from colors to fonts to make it truly yours. Don’t be afraid to try different styles!

Online Marketing for Restaurants

Most social media and online advertising channels allow you to pick an audience based on interests, demographics, and even habits. You should have an idea of what your market’s age is, what they enjoy doing, where they are, and which social media platform they use the most. This way, you’ll be able to balance out your budget and prioritize bidding on the most effective channels.

Placeit’s Social Media Image Maker will make it easy for you to create a collection of images in different formats that you can use in your ad campaigns.

Use Videos to Reach Your Customers

Remember that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach — and sight? It’s a good idea to have an Instagram profile for your restaurant and to upload pictures of your dishes and your place, but it’s an even better idea to pair that up with videos to freshen things up from time to time.

The good news is that Placeit’s got you covered with this, as it offers a text animation tool that is as simple to use as its design templates. Try Placeit’s square animated templates for most social media, and Placeit’s vertical animated templates for Instagram Stories and Facebook full-screen experiences.

Make an Integral Strategy

Now that you’ve got some marketing ideas for your restaurant, put everything together and make a promotion plan. Set time goals for your actions and be persistent. You might need to spend a few bucks on printing and online advertising, but as long as you establish a budget, you’ll be free to experiment and see results without risking too much. Using Placeit, you’ll create unlimited designs with the best value. 

"With Placeit, me or anyone in my team can quickly create designs for my restaurant. It's a time saver!"
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