Make a Real Estate Logo

Make sure your business stands out from the competition with a professional real estate logo. Don’t lose clients because you don’t have a great logo! Placeit lets you easily create real estate logos, luxury real estate logos and realtor logos that will make it easy for customers to recognize your services!

How to Make a Real Estate Logo

Making a real estate logo might seem difficult, and more so if you don’t have experience using design software but with Placeit’s Logo Makers it’s super easy and quick. To make custom real estate logos simply follow these steps:
  1. Write in your businesses’ name and choose colors and fonts.
  2. Pick an icon to represent your business, you can change the color too.
  3. Choose a layout for your logo, there are three styles to choose from.
  4. Play around with the options until you’re satisfied with the result.
  5. Download your logo!

Real Estate Company Logo Tutorial

See just how easy it is to use Placeit’s real estate logo maker to quickly create a logo for your real estate business. In just a few clicks you can boost the image of your business and give potential customers confidence that you’re serious about providing an excellent, quality service.

Make a Logo That Clients Can Identify
You With

Think of your logo as a quick way for people to identify you. The key to having a good real estate logo is having one that clearly represents what your real estate company stands for. Having a clear vision of your business can help when creating it, so before starting your design process ask yourself questions like “what type of real estate firm are we?” or “how do I want my clients to view us?”. With a clear concept in mind, designing a your logo will be much easier.

Our Library has Over Smart Templates

Brand Your Real Estate Business with Your Logo

With your new real estate logo you’ll be able to create different branding materials to market your company effectively like real estate business cards, booklets, real estate flyers and lawn signs. Many of these are classic staples when it comes to marketing properties and with your new realtor logo you’ll be one step ahead. Look at all these options you have to showcase your logo and make sure you’re the first realtor people think about next time they want to buy a house!

Business Card Mockups

Business cards are a great way to give your information to potential clients or useful contacts, make sure to add your real estate business logo, as well as your contact information like phone number and email. 

Booklet Mockups

If you have more than one property up for sale, making a booklet with a few of them might be useful to give out to interested buyers as an effective promotional material. 

Flyer Mockups

Think of a flyer as a quick information sheet you can give out at open houses where people can quickly read the overall description of the property as well as your contact information. 

Real Estate Sign Mockups

The classic realtor sign is a classic for a reason, this is the quickest way for someone to know that a property is up for sale or rent. Put your logo on it and your contact information for potential client leads to call!

"I needed to make a logo quickly for my business and with Placeit's logo maker it was super easy!"
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